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Miliprint Helmet Logo is inspired from the helmet of the Ancient Greek Hoplite ("οπλίτης", "oplitis", arms bearer) the warriors that constituted the Greek Armored Infantry circa ~5th century B.C. The Greek Heavy Infantry was essential in the defense and final victory of the Greeks during the Persian Wars. King Leonidas, Spartans in Thermopylae as well as Athenian and Greek Coalition Forces in the Battle of Marathon, were constituted mainly of these elite soldiers. The Greeks always favored quality vs. quantity, and this helmet, with its all face protection, is an indication of this attitude.

Description: Unisex T-shirt with round neckline.

Composition: Jersey 150, 100% ringspun cotton semi-combed.
Details: Short sleeves, barrel neck tape in neck, neckline from elastic rip.

Print: Heat Transfer Vinyl