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Our exclusive T-Shirt features original artwork inspired

Belgian Air Force F-16 Solo Display Team has some of the most spectacular patterns and colors, world famous for their excellent shows. It is comprised of personnel from both resident units at Kleine Brogel being 31 and 349 squadrons. Their shows drive fans crazy and contain superb F-16 manoeuvres which are flown during practice sessions as operational missions. The demo puts a lot of G forces on the pilot, giving the audience an overview of the F-16’s manoeuvrability and the skills of all F-16 pilots in the Belgian Air Force. Black T-Shirt background with vivid Belgian colors! You can’t miss with it!

Polyester T-Shirt, All Over Sublimation Print
130-190 grms polyester mesh fabric.

* Sublimation print colour will never fade out.

Advantage of sublimation Printing:
With fully sublimation printing, it can be printed on every inch of the T-Shirt, from neck to seam. The ink is impregnated into the fabric in gas form and it cannot therefore be felt on the surface.

  • Quick dry.
  • Breathable.

The T-Shirts are truly striking, the sublimated fabric T-Shirts are made from a moisture management fabric, designed to move the moisture away from the body of the garment this does not impede the technical performance of the fabric. Sublimated designs will not fade, shrink or crack.